Athletic Foot Injuries That Requires a Podiatrist in Beaumaris chances are high that you have done a lot of wear and tear to your feet if you are into physical activities for a long time. Your feet are full of muscles that absorb the shock as you move around. Naturally, they are exposed to a lot of wear and tear that may lead to causing pain, and for this, you have to consult the best podiatrist in Beaumaris. The major athletic foot injuries that call for the immediate attention of the podiatrist can be enlisted below:

  • Bunions – These are not just the problems of grouchy old ladies. They are painful bony bumps that are formed along the side of the big toe after stressful movement. At the time of exercising your muscles should be supporting your foot instead of the ligaments and the bones that can make the bunions be at risk. As a result of this, your arch collapses. At the time of movement, the ball of your foot should be doing the lion’s share of the task, propelling your foot forward. But if your foot weight is transferred to the other parts of the foot like that of the big toe, pain and tenderness develop. This needs to be corrected, and only a podiatrist will be able to help you by recommending the right shoes to you. If the surgery is required, then the podiatrist will offer you to make your muscles work together.
  • Stress Fractures – It is a common problem for most of the people who work out regularly to have stress fractures. This mostly occurs when you train too hard without eating the right amount of food. This is because fractures happen when the bone cells become imbalanced. You may also have mild swellings on the top of the foot. All you need to do is pay a visit to the Mentone podiatry clinic where you can do your x-ray. It may call for multiple x-rays and MRI for you and then an orthopaedist will be able to help you further in repairing the condition fully.
  • Turf Toe – This happens as a result of hyper-extending muscles in your big toe. You will also feel tenderness in your in the toe’s joint whenever you try to bend or move it. Under such circumstances, it is always advisable that you consult your podiatrist for X-rays, to diagnose the exact problems and then get treated in the right manner.