A Discourse on Podiatry and Its Benefits for Your Feet

What Is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the branch of medicine dedicated to the study and diagnosis of various disorders of the human foot, ankle and lower extremity of the limb through medical and surgical treatment. Podiatry is not a holistic therapy, but a registered and regulated medical profession where it is mandatory for the doctor to have a degree from a recognised university.

Why Go To A Podiatrist?

A certified podiatrist deals with the diagnosis, medication, restraint and rehabilitation of your feet, ankles and the lower leg, irrespective of the medical condition. A podiatrist gathers all the information regarding your medical history and injury, along with the kind of footwear you wear, your occupation and lifestyle before assessing or diagnosing your ailment.

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The Treatment-

The treatment of podiatry includes a range of physical therapies, different use of instruments and tools, ointment applications, and the prescriptions for inserts in footwear. With the help of these therapies, podiatrists care for your feet to prevent the foot problems from recuperating. They are qualified to treat athletes, diabetics, the elderly and disabled.

What Conditions Can A Podiatrist Treat?

Podiatrists help improve the mobility of your feet and get you the independence that you once had through the prevention or supervision of the problems of your feet. The conditions treated by the podiatrist in Beaumaris include the bone and joint disorders, problems of the muscle and any neurological or circulatory ailment of the feet.

Some of the fundamental problems that are diagnosed or treated by a podiatrist are as follows:

• Foot injuries, shin splints, athletes foot and flat foot
• Aching feet, cracked heels and heel spurs
• Thick and ingrown toenails
• Blisters, corns and calluses
• Fungal problems and plantar warts
• Children’s foot problems

A podiatrist in Mentone podiatry clinic is equipped to dole out advice on the right kind of footwear for the athletes or ordinary working people and can also give opinions to help you deal with other health and safety concerns. It is an essential piece of work as a few professions are likely to cause foot problems as they demand people to stand for extended periods of time like that of surgeons, teachers, etc. Good podiatrists help their patient to limit the loss so that they can still walk around freely without any problem at their advanced age.

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Why Podiatrists Prescribe Orthotics?

Podiatrists often prescribe orthotics to their clients as a treatment. It is a non-surgical approach that is equipped to deal with various troubles of the feet and is particularly useful as a countermeasure for a patient who has recently undergone foot surgery. Orthotics are shoe inserts that are designed to correct the foot problems that ails an individual by supporting and gently repositioning the heels, tendons, muscles, arches, ligaments and bones.

A human foot is made up of 52 bones that are held in place together with a network of muscles, joints and ligaments. Most podiatry clinics are equipped to deal with any kind of foot care. Qualified podiatrist attending it has years of training for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot and ankle disorders. It improves the functional ability of your foot and minimises any problem that causes pain and damage to your feet.

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