6 Signs That Tell You to Visit the Podiatrist in Parkdale

Not every problem related to your ankle and foot call for an appointment with the podiatrist. Sometimes the things that you need are rest, time, anti-inflammatory medication and a new pair of shoes. But at times it so happens that a certain problem crops up, and it just doesn’t go away. These issues are the tell-tell signs indicating you to seek an expert’s assistance like that of the podiatrist in Parkdale. Below are enlisted some of the common foot and ankle problems for which you need to book an appointment with the podiatrist.

Podiatrist Parkdale

• A Sore Wound That Doesn’t Heal – An open wound on your foot and ankle means that you have to visit the podiatrist. This is especially the case when you have Diabetes. You have a better chance of healing at a much faster pace if you are under the supervision of a doctor and the treatments get started right on time. There is a stronger chance of getting a bone or skin infection if you have an open sore for a long time.

• Flattened Arch on One Foot – One of the major signs of a dysfunctional or ruptured tendon is one of your feet seeming flatter than the other one. Tendons that don’t work properly can lead to misaligned bones that cause arthritis in the joints. Treating the tendon at the right time can prevent damage to the joints.

• Foot Pain when Your Legs are Elevated – If you experience pain at a time when you are lying down in bed, and when you dangle your foot in the air it goes away then you need to pay a visit to the Parkdale podiatry. This type of symptom signifies that you have peripheral artery disease or decreased blood flow. While the podiatrist is the first doctor to start with, you may also need to see other physicians like that of the vascular surgeon.

Parkdale Podiatry

• Severe Pain lasting for More Than 24 Hours – If you have just had a recent surgery don’t be afraid to call the podiatrist. It is always better to deal with problems sooner than later. The potential sources of trouble can include DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), tight dressing, compartment dressing or tight dressing. You may sort out ways to deal with your pain, but only the doctors can tell what the sources for your trouble are.

• Pain That Increases with Activity – In case you are suffering from a type of pain that increases with activity then you have a stress fracture. You are advised not to work through the pain but have a foot specialist to look at it right away. Stress fractures that are not treated at the right time can lead to something that will not heal or can create a broken bone.

• Foot Discolorations – Both your feet look almost the same. But there can be an issue if you there is a major discrimination in the colouring of your two feet. While blue or purple colour may indicate a severe vein problem, redness may indicate an infection or gout while whiteness indicates a lack of proper blood flow. Under such circumstances, it is essential that you seek the help of a podiatrist.

The above are some of the signs that tell you that it is time to visit the podiatrist so that your ailment is treated at the right time and you can lead a great and healthy life ahead.

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